Winner Of India’s Best Dancer Season 1

India’s Best dance is the new Indian dance reality competition show. This show debuted its very first season this year. Moreover, the season is still on progress. The show aired on 29 February 2020. However, due to the pandemic shooting of the show were postponed. But, the shoot of the show has started again since the second week of July. Till now, the show has successfully released 22 episodes. On Television the show airs on Sony Entertainment Television. And, you can stream the show online on SonyLiv. Now the show has come closer to the finale soon we will have India’s Best Dancer Winner. Before that let’s check the finalists.

In the show, debut Season, there were a total of 12 contestants. Moreover, all of them were given points out of 30. These points are the combined average of individual points of all judges in the show. There are 3 main judges in the show. Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapoor, and Terence Lewis are going to be the judges for this year. And, Bharti Singh and her spouse writer Haarsh Limbachiyaa are co-hosting the show together. In this article, we are going to cover India’s Best Dancer Winner.

India’s Best Dancer Winner 2020

There is one question in everybody’s mind that who will Win IBD 2020? Till now, the grand finale of the show has not been organized. The show is still going on. There are still so many episodes left to shoot. Moreover, there are so 12 good contestants left. And, all of them are competing against each other. However, every alternate week one contestant is eliminated. The eliminated contestant is the one with the least number of public votes. The top 5 contestants who survive till the end enter finale. And, in the finale, the contestant with the highest votes is declared as a winner.

India's Best Dancer Winner

India Best Dancer Top 5 Finalists

There were a total of 12 contestants in the show. Out of the 12 contestants, 3 of them have already been eliminated. Moreover, the top 5 finalists have not been decided yet. This process is going to take a few more episodes. Every week one contestant will be declared as a finalist. And the rest of the contestants will perform till they reach in the top 5.

Tiger PopVartika Jha
Shubranil PaulPankaj Thapa
Mukul GainPrateek
Shweta WarrierBhawana
Paramdeep SinghAnuradha

Note: There were Top 12 contestants. And, only 5 contestants will be in the finalist list.

India's Best Dancer Winner


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IBD Voting Result and Grand Finale Result

IBD Voting Result has not been announced fully. Till now, only 3 contestants have been voted out of the show. The Elimination of these contestants was done in every alternate week. Moreover, the contestant with the least points and a minimum number of votes was eliminated. However, the Grand finale result has not been out yet. This is because of a very simple fact. Right now, there has been no grand finale episode yet. And, we have to wait for some time for the Grand finale Voting lines to open.


In Conclusion, India’s Best Dancer Winner has not been announced yet. But the show has reached to the finale. All the contestants are eliminated only 5 finalists are left there. Finale is on 21st and 22nd November. Vote for the participants and make your favourite win the show. However, we can make our own prediction about who is going to be the winner?  Right now, Ajay Tiger Pop is leading the sheets with 150 points. So, speculation is that he is the lead contender of the title of India’s Best Dancer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:


How many contestants are still in the show?

Till week 6, August 22-23 total of 3 contestants were eliminated. Right now, there are only 9 contestants left.

What is the original TV Network of India’s Best Dancer?

Sony Entertainment Television is the original TV Network of the show.

Can viewers stream the IBD online?

Yes, viewers can stream IBD online. You can watch the show on SonyLiv Application and, on the SonyLiv website.

Who is going to be the judge of the show?

There are 3 Judges in the show. Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapoor, and Terence Lewis are the Judges for this Season.

Who is hosting the show?

Bharti Singh is co-hosting the show with her husband writer Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

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