Who are India’s Best Dancer Contestants ?

Here we are directly going to talk about India’s Best Dancer Contestants for the season 1. The Sony Tv has introduced this new show for the dancers. The show is based on dancing format only. As we have seen tremendous dancers in the country, so Sony Tv is ready to telecast new show this time. Previously Super Dancer got a huge success. 

The contestants for the show are selected from different parts of the country. Already India’s Best Dancer Auditions are over. Now you will see the contestants’ performances directly. Here in this article we will mainly discuss about Contestant names, Judges names and find out who are the hosts of the show. 

Looking forIndia's Best Dancer Contestant Names
Season No1
Starting date29th February, 2020
Telecast ChannelSony Entertainment Television
JudgesMalaika , Geeta Maa & Terrence Lewis

India’s Best Dancer Contestants Names

The contestants are selected from 11 cities of India. All judges auditioned many performers from all over India. And finally, they have selected a few talented participants for the show. The judges started searching for the rare talent from 7th January 2020. And their search for the best contestants ended up on 25th January 2020. We can predict that the show is going to be a super hit. Because one of Judge Terrence Lewis said in The Kapil Sharma Show that this time contestants are super talented.

Till now there is no update about India’s Best Dancer Contestants for Season 1. But as soon as contestants’ names are revealed, you will find their list and names here below:

India's Best Dancer Contestants List

India’s Best Dancer Judges 

Almost in maximum reality shows, we see 3 judges. And here also there is not any different. Because there are 3 Judges in India’s best dancer in 2020. And they are:

  1. Geeta Kapoor
  2. Malaika Arora
  3. Terrence Lewis

All 3 of them are superb dancers cum choreographers. Geeta Maa and Terrence Lewis have worked together earlier in Dance India Dance. But its Malaika Arora’s first time that she will be judging the contestants’ first time with these judges. However, she had already judged Nach Baliye and other Reality shows earlier.

India's Best Dancer Judges

A very few people know that Geeta Kapoor has judged 18 Reality Show seasons till now in India. She is also a renowned choreographer in Bollywood. Terrence lewis is also a very good choreographer. And he is also a very good contemporary dancer.

What is the name of India’s Best Dancer Host?

In this season there are two hosts in the show. And those are Bharti Singh & Haarsh Limbachiyaa. We all know that Bharti Singh is a comedian and Harsh is writer cum comedian. They both recently got married to each other. And now these two will add a fun element in India’s Best Dancer with their hosting skills.

They were the part of Nach Baliye (a dancing show) earlier. Bharti Singh has hosted many reality shows before this. And for Harsh its second time he is hosting any show.

IBD Performances for Top 12

The contestants have to perform solo then 2 or 3 of them will go for a face off. Judges will give marks for both performances. And at the end of all the performances, the result will be declared.

  • Ram Bist v/s Shweta Warrier: Where Ram is a B-boying dancer, Shweta is a mixture of Classical western which is commonly known as street o classical. Both the contestants have got good reviews.
    Selected: Shweta
  • Sonal Vichare v/s Vishnu: Both the contestants are famous for crumping. Their face-off made the judges give them standing ovation.
    Selected: Sonal
  • Rutuja v/s Sadhwi v/s Sanjana: Rutuja a lavni classical dancer, Sadhvi Indian classical, and Sanjana Belly dancer performed against one another. Judges Liked Rutuja and Sadwi’s dance but not Sanjana’s.
    Selected: Sadhwi & Rutuja
  • Aman Shah v/s Himanshi: Where Mayur has his own dance style Himanshi is the only girl contestant who does popping. Judges Loved their act.
    Selected: Himanshi
  • Adnan v/s Shubham v/s Nitesh: Nitesh had to quit the show due to health issues. Where judges liked Adnan’s befikra style, on the other hand, they didn’t like shubham’s act that much.
    Selected: Adnan Ahmed
  • Mukul v/s Prince: Among both these contestants, judges liked Mukul very much. Mukul has his dance style mixed with crumping and b byoing where prince does contemporary.
    Selected: Mukul
  • Tiger Pop v/s Jatin Kumar: Jatin is a contemporary dancer where Tiger is a popping dancer. Judges liked Tiger Pop the most. But Dance-off was a tough one between both.
    Selected: Tiger Pop
  • Shubranil v/s Raj: Judges liked Shubhranil more than Raj. But they had a very difficult solo as well as a dance-off. Judges gave them a standing ovation.
    Selected: Shubranil & Raj
  • Akib v/s Harsh: Judges liked Harsh’s act but liked Akib act more. In their dance-off Judges gave them standing ovation. But they liked Akib the most.
    Selected: Akib
  • Some Performances were not on television. But judges directly announced the results. Paramdeep was one of them.
  • Judges announced 4 contestants directly in the standby round. They will be called for wild card entry.

India’s Best Dancer Top 12 Contestants and Mentor

After few episodes we have a clear picture about top contestants of India’s Best Dancer. All the contesants have to dance and show there 3 best moves within 90 seconds. The one with the best moves will get selected and can be the part of the show. Soon there will be detailed list of contestants.

India's Best Dancer Contestants

Now the contestants have been selected in top 12 list. All the contestants are the best ones. Each one of then has their own Mentor. So there are 12 contestants and 12 mentors. Now the competition has begun. Every Week contestants will perform to prove themself best and better than other contestant. Have a Look at Contestants and their mentors.

Rituja Junurkar

Rutuja has already been one of the famous and best dancer. As she is a Lavni dancer. #RutujaTheBest dance genre is Lavani. Her mentor will be Ashish Patil in the journey.

Mukul Gain

#MukulTheBest is famous for doing lyrical breaking. He always comes with his girfriend as he thinks she is his lucky charm. His mentor in IBD is Pratik Utekar.

Himanshi Gurheriya

#HimanshiTheBest impressed the judges with her popping. She is a strong popping dancer. Without having a family support Himanshi is in Top 12. Amardeep Singh Natt is her Mentor for the season.

Mohammad Akib

#AkibTheBest entered and by his flawless performance made judges shocked. He is full of entertainment, newness in his dance and full of techniques which judges are looking for. He is a popping dancer. And his mentor is Paul.

Tiger Pop

#TigerpopTheBest just impressed Terrence so much that he even gave him Chummeshwari Performance. He is one of the finest dancer in India’s Best dancer. Tiger is famous for Popping. His mentor in the show is Vartika Jha.

Sonal Vichare

#SonalTheBest is famous for Krumping. Not only krumping very clean and strong krumping. Her mentor in the show is Tushar shetty.

Sadhwi Majumdar

A very fine classical dancer #SadhwiTheBest impresses the judges. She believes in her roots i.e. Classical dancing. Her Mentor during the journey of this season is Himanshu Parihar.

Raj sharma

Raj is famous for his Freestyle, humerous and unique dance style. His real life guru is his Uncle. So #RajTheBest wants to do something and want ot make his Mama Proud. His Mentor is Vaibhav Ghuge.

Shubhranil Paul

#ShubranilTheBest impressed the judges with his lyrical freestyle dancing. His mentor in the sow is Pankaj Thapa.

Adnan Ahmed khan

Adnan is a fun dancer. A Carefree person who makes people laugh. On the other hand #AdnanTheBest is a very fine Lyrical dancer. His mentor in the show is Sushant khatri.

Parandeep Singh

#ParamdeepTheBest is a very nice Tutting and contemporary Dancer. He impressed the errance so much. In the show his mentor is Anuradha Iyengar.

Stand By dancers:

  • Aman Shah
  • Pooja Santoshi
  • Vishnu
  • Furkhan Alam

As per every show, you will get finalists of season 1 in the later half. And ultimately the winner of the show will be decided by Public Voting System. However all the contestants will compete with each other, but there will be one talented winner.

In the End i would like to say that India’s Best Dancer Contestants will get lots of popularity. But to win the show they need to work hard and win the hearts of people too. Stay with us for all latest info on the show.

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