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How To Vote in Indian Idol 11

Hello friends. If you are reading this article then surely you are looking for the answers of Indian Idol Voting steps. Surely you are here to know the answers about how one can participate in voting and can save a contestant from being eliminated. And we make you sure that you will soon get to know about the complete procedure to vote in Indian Idol season 11.

In previous season we saw that there was involvement of the audience in the show at another level. Or we can say that the previous season was the most loved season among all. It was because of its contestants and their performances.

People participated in voting as much as they can. And this is because they wanted to vote for the contestants. Only voting is a way to decide the winner and most loved contestant of the show. In this article, we are going to mention some important steps about Indian Idol Voting and how to save a contestant from being eliminated

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Indian Idol Voting Methods

In order to participate in voting one must know the steps to vote in the show. If you are unaware of voting methods in Indian Idol then here we are to remind you the Indian idol voting methods in detail. In the show makers always approve one kind of voting i.e. online voting.

So if you want to save any contestant or if you want to make any contestant highest scorer then participate in online voting. In previous season 10, there was online voting method itself. Similarly is going to be for season 11. Let’s fnd out how? How TO vote

Indian Idol Online Voting Polls

In all the previous seasons’ various methods of votings were used. Some of them were SMS voting, Missed Call voting. But since the last 2 seasons, there was online voting for the contestants. All you need to vote online is a smartphone, Internet connection and your favorite contestant whom you want to vote.

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You can also participate in Indian Idol Voting polls online. Here we will mention those polls as soon as show will kick start. all you need to do is to vote for your favourite contestant.

Season 11 SonyLiv App Vote

You can complete online voting using an app known as SonyLiv app. How you can use it is described below.

  • In order to vote, download the SonyLiv App or
  • Choose Indian Idol Vote Now Option after opening the app. Indian Idol
  • It will ask you to register or sign in.
  • Choose the desired option and get signed in. Indian Idol
  • Then you will see the list of contestants performing that night and whom you can vote using app voting method.
  • You will be given 50 votes. Indian Idol Voting
  • Distribute your votes according to your chooice. Indian Idol VotingIndian Idol Voting
  • Submit the vote in the end.

In this way you can participate in Indian Idol Voting for season 11.

Important points to remember:

  • To vote online you will be given 50 votes per day.
  • These 50 votes will be given per account.
  • You can distribute according to your preferences.
  • You can vote in between the time period of the show i.e. 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Winner of Indian Idol Season 11

Latest Update on 23rd Feb 2020: The winner is Sunny Hindustani. He has got maximum number of votes in the finale and won the show. The runner up of Indian idol 11 is Rohit. He got second highest votes by pubic by online voting method.

Every season will get complete by announcing its winner. And the winner can be determined by calculating the final votes. So if we want to see the Indian Idol 11 Winner then it should be one with the maximum number of votes. Winner will be based on audience choice itself. So participate in voting and vote for your favorite contestant. Before Indian Idol voting result let us assume and predict the winner of this season. According to present voting trends Sunny Hindustani will be the winner of Season 11. On 23rd February 2020 there will be Grand Finale and on that day we will have grand finale season 11 winner.

Indian Idol online voting has a major in finding the winner of the show. But before that elimination happens as the results are announced on the basis of votes. The contestants who perform well gets qualified to the next episode. But unfortunately, whosoever fails to impress the audience and judges with their song performance on the state gets evicted. In this way Voting impacts directly indirectly all the performers.

In previous season winner was Salam Ali.

Soon the name will be revealed on the basis of our votes. So vote wisely. In case you have any query related to the voting in Indian Idol 11 then you may ask us. You can also follow us on social media at TV Shows India for latest entertainment updates.


  1. sunny hindustani is winner of indian idol 11. According to comments on twitter by parkash menon and group and on youtube by fans of Rohit Shyam Raut, there is conspiracy against Sunny regarding voting. His votes were manipulated by the staff who handles counting of votes. Please change the vote counting honest staff.

  2. Music was not matching with the song of Sunny Hindustani twice. 1 Last episode of January 2. In a Episode when Deepika Padukone ji was guest, Deepika ji pointed out how sunny hinustani could manage with wrong music. Please Investigate who did this conspiracy. Sunny Hindustani is better than all other singers who proved his versatility and famous with his wonderful divine songs in the world. All Judges, guest judges, most of the audience of the world like singing of conscientious Singer Sunny Hindustani. Sunny Hindustani in this season of Indian Idol 11 deserves to be winner.

  3. I just want to say if Sunny Hindustani doesn’t win Indian idol then I will never watched another Indian idol ever again. Anyone will know that the only Indian idol is Sunny Hindustani. Never a training and this is what an idol is about. The girl is ok unfortunately she is got so much practice and she was on the last Idol and she did not win, she definitely do not deserve to be an Indian idol. She will be a singer but Indian idol NO DEFINITELY NOT.

  4. If Sunny does not win Indian Idol Contest this year, then I will consider the contest a fraud.

    In that case, I will never watch Indian Idol Show again. No other contestant even comes close to Sunny.

    He is amazing without any professional training. Just imagine, what he can do when ge gets proper training & practice in the future.

  5. I would surely suggest that Sunny is the best and he should be the winner of Indian Idol 11 by hook or by crook Sunny should be the winner,when he sing it’s make my heart melt,a man with God’s gift, I’ll pray that Sunny will win the show,pleased all vote for Sunny he deserve to wins the show

  6. Sunny must be winner. Really he deserves the Indian Idol trophy. In true sense in this show term Idol is the synonym of sunny.

  7. Rohit rout.. Jay Maharashtra ….you are best singer…. Now Indian Best singer… All the best… U r winner Indian idol…

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