Here Are The Big Changes in Bigg Boss 14

COVID-19 has a impact on every industry since months now. It has impacted television industry as well. Due to which there are some changes that has been made in many shows. But the major impact will be on reality television. That includes Bigg Boss season 14 as well. There are some changes that has been made in the upcoming season. So let’s check out Bigg Boss 14 Rules and Regulations for COVID-19 safety measures.

Bigg Boss 14 Rules and Regulations

  • Due to the current situation, there are some more Rules and Regulations in the show.
  • There is going to a proper follow up of social distancing
  • The proper test is going to be conducted for all the contestants.
  • Candidates won’t be paid remuneration per week. There is going to pre-decided payment.
  • The main aim of this year is proper health and hygiene.
  • The eliminated contestants have to leave the house
  • Contestants are not allowed to sleep during the day time.
  • Time to time checkup will be done.
  • Voting for contestants will be done in similar way.

Bigg Boss 14 Rules and Regulations

Covid impact on Bigg Boss 2020

There are some COVID impacts on Bigg boss Hindi this year. Moreover, Bigg Boss Season 14 premiere date was postponed due to the pandemic. Now Season 14 is going to air on 3 October 2020.  So you can watch the show every day after 3rd Oct. Also, the budget for this year is also very strict. Some are saying that due the pandemic Bigg Boss timings is going overlap with IPL. However, this clash between them is only for eight days. So, it is not that big sort of deal. 

So are you excited readers! Do tell us. Get ready for 14th season and ejoy the show. And if you have any query you may ask us in comment section.

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