How To Vote In Bigg Boss 2023 (Season 16) Online?

Bigg Boss is one of the most popular reality shows in India. Also, it is popular in some other countries. The producer of the show is Endemol Shine India. It is based on the American reality show Big Brother. Season 1 of Bigg Boss premiered in 2006 on Colors TV Channel. Till now there have been 15 Seasons in Total. Tejasswi Prakash was the winner of Season 15 of the show. However, the winner of season 16 will be declared on the basis of the Bigg Boss vote.

Season 17 is the next season of the Bigg Boss series. Season 16 has already premiered on 1st October 2022. Like always Salman Khan is the host of this season. Before the premiere of season 16 was already in buzz. It gets hyped due to its contestants because this season has been remarked with big names. In the very first week, the nomination has already been done and this procedure will be followed every week. Therefore, Bigg Boss 16 Voting lines have been opened from the day of nomination till Friday morning. It airs on TV as well as on Online platforms like Voot and jio TV. So you can watch Bigg boss online too. 

2022 &2023 have been an unpredicted years. Where the world was thinking to celebrate the year in a different way, nature’s disasters made it hard. COVID-19 effected the lives of so many people. So definitely it is not going to be an easy season. This year it will be shot with some precautions, different rules, completely different perspective. BB is ready to give a fight back to COVID-19. So get ready to witness the season in completely different format.

Bigg Boss Vote 2023

As we know Bigg Boss is a reality game show. It is the most loved show on Indian Television. And the reason for its popularity is the theme and the controversy creates in every season. Apart from this watching celebrities 24*7 and judging their actions is what viewers have to do. And on the base of their behavior, the people choose their favorite contestant whom they want to see as the winner of the show. 

Bigg Boss Vote

In order to participate in the voting process of the show, you must watch the show because it is necessary to know the nature, behavior, game plan, and mindset of the contestant. And then choose your favorite participant. Similar to other reality shows, this game show also includes voting.

To vote in BB16 you will have these 2 ways:

  • Voot App Voting
  • Jio App Voting

A way by which we can determine the safe contestants and one eliminated player. It is also a way by which we can determine the winner of the season. 

BB Voting Trends

Usually, one can catch up with voting trends on Twitter. Most people just like the National general elections follow the trend. There is some sort of low-key controversy on the show or anything that happens in the show. The next day, it becomes a Twitter India Trend. Moreover, a lot of YouTubers and Instagram Influencers talk about the show.

Some people roast it, make fun of it and some do appreciate the entertainment provided by the show. All those good-bad talks lead to the promotion of the show as well as an increase in viewership of the show. That helps to gain more TRPs.

For now, the updated active contestants’ name list is here, whom you can save by cast vote for them.



Nimrit Kaur



MC Stan







Whole Process of Voting in BB16


From the very first day, contestant starts judging each other and on the basis of that judgment or connection they made with one another, they nominate the house guests. Every house guest has a chance to nominate anyone or two.


Here comes our turn to roll the dice of voting. after the nomination is done, voting for the nominated contestant will start and then the viewers have to vote in order to save any of them.

Weekend Ka Vaar

The weekend is the time to announce the result. Apart from that, our host Salman Khan entertains the audience and one by one saves the contestants.


The result is based on the viewer’s voting. The one’s with the good votes gets a chance to play again. And the ones with the lowest votes are still considered as the bottom 2 contestants.


Salman Khan then announces the final eliminated contestant.

How to Vote on Voot App

There are a few ways by which you can cast your vote for your favorite Contestant in BB16.  One can simply visit Voot. After that, they can register themselves and cast votes for their favorite contestant. You can also cast your vote through the Voot App. And here is how you can do it:

  • Firstly, You have to download the Voot application from Play Store.
  • Secondly, you have to register your account. It can be an email id or a Facebook account.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly after the login success, you can cast your vote.
  • Go to the Bigg Boss Section and then, the vote section of Bigg boss.
    bigg boss vote
  • So then You will see the list of nominated contestants of the week.
  • Choose the contestant and vote for him/her.
    bigg boss vote
  • Moreover, your vote will secure the place of your favorite contestant for the future.

Note: You can cast one vote per episode per email or registered account. You can also cast your vote via Myjio App. 

bigg boss vote

Points to remember before you vote in Bigg Boss 16

  • Voting Lines will be open for a particular time period only eg. from Monday to Thursday you can vote.
  • So vote for a contestant in that time period.
  • You can vote once from one email id.
  • Results will be announced by the host in Weekend ka Vaar.
  • Your one vote can change the fate of a contestant in the show.

Bigg Boss Season 16 Jio Vote

Now another way has been introduced to vote for contestants. It is none other than to vote using my jio application. Follow these steps to vote.

  • Install the My Jio app on your smartphone.
  • So after that register yourself using jio id or jio phone number.
  • So Then you will see a banner of Bigg Boss season 16, open that.
    Bigg Boss vote
  • Go further by checking in to I agree on the column.

  • After reaching the point you will see all the nominated contestants listed in the vote now section.
  • Vote for any of them and submit your vote.

To win the biggest show of the year is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the contestants who will win the heart of the audience, who is popular, and who will show his/her true identity will win the show. We have seen in previous seasons that only the deserved one won that season. 

 Bigg Boss Voting Polls

Season 16 has been already released. So, the voting lines have been opened. Voting lines will open after every nomination and will be closed before the weekend ka vaar. However, voting polls generally provide the idea that who is a popular contestant on the show. It allows the viewers to participate in the process of finding the popular candidate. This also engages the audience with the show and its participants. Sometimes vote poll results differ from the actual Voting results. As of now participate in these polls.

Bigg Boss Season 16 Voting Results

Bigg Boss Season 15 had 120 episodes and there were 24 contestants. The show ran for almost 119 days duration. After important episodes, there was Voting. And the contestant with the least amount is eliminated from the show. As for season 16, The contestant in the show who remains safe and gains the maximum votes is declared the winner of the show. The winner will be declared in the finale episode. So In the Finale, there will be the top 3 contestants. In season 15 Tejasswi Prakash was the winner and Pratik Sehajpal was the runner-up.

Eliminated contestants names will be updated here.

Bigg Boss Live Voting

In the previous season, Bigg Boss had a live voting system. So, live voting was conducted for the finalist of the show. The audience was allowed to cast the vote during the live finale episode. And the contestant with the maximum number of public votes was declared as a winner. However, the voting was done via the Voot app, voot website, and my jio App. The same procedure will be followed in BB16.

In conclusion, season 15 has kicked off with full enthusiasm. We all know that the voting procedure is the same as always. All you have to do is to go and vote for your favorite contestant. As mentioned, there are 2 voting ways. Follow any one of them and save the nominated contestant from being evicted. So you must be aware of Bigg Boss Vote and its methods. Moreover, viewers can vote via the Voot website, Voot App, and myjio App.  We will update the article if anything official is announced.

Who is the Host of Bigg Boss 16?

It’s clear that Salman Khan is the host of Bigg Boss 16.

How can we vote in Bigg Boss?

You can cast votes Through the MyjJio app and Voot app.

Where can we watch Bigg Boss on TV?

The show airs on Colors TV.

Can we watch Bigg Boss online?

Yes, you can. It can be streamed via the Voot app.

Which Season of Bigg Boss was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan?

He was the host of Season 3 which was aired in 2009.

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