How to Vote in Superstar Singer Season 2

Reality shows play a major role in the entertainment industry. As they provide talent to the world. Whether it is dancing or singing show. Today we are talking about Superstar Singer- a show that is started for creating talent in the singing world. This show will present India with “Singing Ka Kal” by Superstar singer Voting methods. The one with the highest votes will be the singing ka kal.

Super Dancer Season 1 held in 2019 and the winner of the show was Prity Bhattachargee. Recently Super Dancer chapter 3 has been finished. Rupsa Was the winner of Super Dancer 3. Super Dancer provided India with Dance Ka kal and now its time for singing ka kal. Although there is one another show popular in singing category for providing best singer to World i.e. Indian Idol. Where India Idol is for youngsters, Superstar Singer is especially for Children. Moreover, the talent from Indian Idol will also be seen in Superstar Singer season 2 as captains of the teams. In this season you can see Indian Idol contestants Salman Ali, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Sayle Kambe, Mohhamad Danish as Captains. 

There are 3 judges, 5 captains, 1 host of the show. Following are the details about these important persons of the show.

Himesh ReshammiyaSalman AliJay Bhanushali
Alka YagnikNitin Kumar
Javed AliSachin Valmiki
Jyotica Tangri

In this article, you will get to know about voting methods and how to implement those steps to complete the Superstar singer voting procedure, about the coaches and contestants name, winner of the Superstar Singer 2022.

Superstar singer Voting

Superstar Singer Voting 2022

    The show will proceed step by step until the voting comes.

  • The audition process will start from 7th December 2021 via online method.
  • Judges will choose Top 16 contestants by their vote.
  • After that, the competition will go on smoothly till the top 10 contestants of the show.
  • And till Top 10 contestants voting will be done by judges.
  • Here comes our job after top 10 contestants i.e. Superstar singer voting by viewers.
  • The voting lines will start and then we will participate in live voting and will choose the contestant as India’s first ever Superstar Singer.

Now the question is what is the main procedure to do vote for the contestants. There is only one way to vote in superstar Singer i.e. Online Voting.

Superstar Singer Online Vote

The procedure to vote in season 2 will be Online vote. We have seen, in many reality shows the voting procedure is online. In super Dancer, the voting was online too. So here it comes for Superstar singer also. To cast vote online you must have a particular application i.e. sonyliv app. following are the remaining required steps to complete the process.

  • Install the Sonyliv app on your device.
  • Open the Superstar singer Voting column.
  • You will be asked to register using Google or Facebook Account.
  • Choose the desired one.
  • After that, you will be directed to the voting column directly.
  • You will see the contestants who are performing that night.
  • choose the contestants and give your vote or distribute your votes according to your preferences.
  • Submit the votes.

Contestants Online polls

Online Voting polls will let you know the present situation at the show of your favorite contestants. Although these voting polls are not official polls. You can participate and vote here for your favorite contestant unofficially just to express your love. And to know the popularity of these contestants. For Example, Choose your favorite one among these superstar singers.

Superstar Singer Firstcry Voting

Now another method of voting has been introduced to the show. You can vote online using 

  • Firstcry App
  • Firstcry Website

All you need to do is to install firstcry app to vote or logon to The rest will be the same as on sonlyliv website. You will go to voting column and vote for the contestants.

Important points to Remember while vote:

  • You can vote from App or Website of Sonyliv.
  • You will be given 50 votes per day.
  • Voting can be done in the mentioned time period only eg. voting will start from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM every weekend.
  • You can distribute these votes according to your choice.
  • It is important to log in before you can vote.
  • Voting procedure will remain same for season 2. If any changes occurs we will let you know soon.

Superstar Singer Contestants 2022

The superstar singer is telecasting its season 2 in 2022. So everything will be new including its contestants. All the contestants are selected by audition process which will start on 7th December 2021. These contestants are selected by the 5 amazing captains. And now in the show judges will vote out and vote in the contestants. They will decide the fate of every participant.

The contestants will get divided into 5 teams. and they will perform in these teams until the finale day. Soon we will update the name of the contestants according to their teams. Every team will have 4 contestants. And they will participate and compete against one another under the guidance of these captains.

Team Salman AliTeam NitinTeam JyoticaTeam Sachin

Every weekend there will be the elimination of contestants using the superstar singer voting process. In the beginning, voting will be done by Judges and after sometime viewers will vote and will be responsible for Vote out.

So these were the important steps to vote in superstar singer season 2. In case of any query you can ask us and follow us on Facebook for more updates at our official page [maxbutton id=”3″ ] 

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