Super Singer Vote for Season 9 (2023) Online

 Exciting news!! for the fans of the Singing competition reality show. The Super Singer Vote portal has opened now for season 9. Super Singer is a Tamil singing competition show. In this show young singing talent perform on the stage. This show has successfully completed its 8 seasons so far. And season 9 is going on. Contestants are giving back-to-back mind-blowing singing performances.

This show provides a chance for young singing talent to show off on the stage. This is a big platform that gives a chance to young talent to grow in the singing world. This is a reality show. So, there are live singing performances on the stage. On behalf of these performances, judges give the points and opinions to the contestants. Benny Dayal, Anuradha Sriram, Shweta Mohan, P. Unnikrishnan.

Super singer vote

On the other hand, the audience of this show also played an important role. They get to see the performance as well as they also get to vote for their favorite contestant. Voting on this show matters a lot. On behalf of the voting winner of the show will be announced.

So here in this article, we will discuss all vote casting for the contestants of this show. If you are a Super Singer show lover and you want to cast vote for your favorite contestant. Then here you will find all the answers about the vote casting on this show. Read the full article to know all about the voting system of this prime-time show.

How to Vote on Super Singer

This show is a prime-time show. Every season tonnes of young singing talent apply to be on this show. Because this show provides a national-level platform for young talent. By performing on this stage they can show their talent to the audience all over the nation.

super singer vote

Young contestants win the heart of the audience with their performances. Now here comes the audience part in this show. The audience of this show also can take part in this competition. But they can take part in this show differently. They can be voters on this show. They can cast their precious vote for their favorite contestant. 

A vote cast by the audience is so important for the contestant that they can lose or win the show on the basis of voting. The one who will get a higher number of votes wins the show. So, to help your favorite singer wins the show you must cast vote for them. Here are different ways by which one can cast the vote. Here on this website, we will introduce you to the different methods of vote casting.

Voting via Google

One can cast vote on Google. Follow the instructions given below

super singer vote

  • First of all, go to the web browser from your device.
  • Now type super singer vote. 
  • Click on the contestant’s name who wants to cast the vote.
  • Select the numbers of votes you want to cast for contestants. 
  • Click Submit.

Congratulations you have cast the vote successfully for your favorite contestant.

Vote via Hotstar

Now one can cast vote for the contestants of Super Singer on Hotstar. Voters can vote on Hotstar’s app or official website. 

  • First of all, download the Hotstar app or update it from your play store.
  • Go to the Hotstar app or official website.
  • Click on the Super Singer icon in (the hunt bar).
  • Now click ok to assign a contender.
  • Now select the votes you want to cast.
  • At last click ok on submit button.

super singer vote

Vote Results

Voting is so much important for the contestants of the Super Singer. On behalf of the voting contestants can win the show or get eliminated. The one who will get a higher number of votes will win the show title. And the one who gets the second and the third highest votes will be announced as runner-up and second runner-up. 

Voting Polls of Season 9

Voting polls give you an idea of voting results. This gives the idea of who may have the highest vote. On the basis of voting it gets decided every week who will continue forward and who will get eliminated. So voting is done every week. A number of votes get cast every week by the audience of this show. 

Voters can also know which contestant gets how many votes. This process s called voting polls. They give ideas before voting results. But one must note that voting polls are not the actual data. It’s just an idea.

super singer vote

Top Finalist of Super Singer Season 9 

Super Singer season 9 has big hit. This season contestants were very talented. There was tough competition between contestants. Some contestants get eliminated. And some contestants have continued their Super Singer journey. The show gets to its final phase. Now there are the top 5 contestants who are battling for the show’s title.


Dinesh Kumar





In Conclusion, we can say that Super Singer is a prime-time show in the Tamil entertainment industry. This show become very popular in short term. Now season 9 of this show is going on. Just because this is a singing reality competition show. So, there is also a voting segment in this show. The audience, fans, and followers of this show. vote for their favorite contestants.

People can vote via 2 different methods one via google or another method to cast the vote on Hotstar. Both methods are discussed above in detail. We hope that we have solved all of your queries about the voting on this show.


How to cast vote on Google?

Type super singer vote on Google. Now select the contestant and click on submit button. congratulations you have cast the vote successfully.

Is the Super Singer season 9 voting portal opened?

Yes, now the voting portal for Super Singer is open.

Can I cast vote on Hotstar?

Yes, now you can cast the vote on the Hotstar app or official website as well.