Star Maa Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote (2023)

“The article tells you about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote and vote results. Season 7 is coming up. So you better stick up to it. We will keep updating you about the voting results every week.”

The Bigg Boss franchise is been heavily active in the southern parts of India. The franchise is also gathering a lot of audiences from that region. From the first three seasons, the show was having a large number of viewers. As for the viewers, the show always organizes the voting system to make the audience interact with the show on a daily basis. This encourages the audience to select the contestants whom they want to see more in the journey of the show.

The show is about various celebrity contestants who have to live under the same roof for about 3 months. It is a Star Maa channel’s show. Moreover, the contestants in the show are not allowed to get in contact with the world outside of the show, unless there is some emergency situation then this rule is terminated.

Name of ShowBigg Boss
HostAkkineni Nagarjuna.
Starting date2023
Finale dateTBD
Hosting channelStar Maa
Timing (weekdays)TBD
No. of DaysTBD
No. of HousematesTBD

In the show, all the contestants have to perform a task given by the show’s governing authority. From the performance of the task, some of the contestants are also given some privileges in the show. Finally, the contestant with the least vote is eliminated from the show. 

Till now 6 seasons have been successfully launched. Makers will launch the season soon. So, you can figure it out, the votes you submit are essential for your favorite contestant to remain in the show. You can read all the ways in which you can vote for your favorite contestant in the show given below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

BB Telugu season 7 will release in 2023. Right now it is trending all over. There are a lot of expectations from the Telugu season 7. It itself says- “Entertainment like never before” If you want to get in on voting for Bigg boss Telugu Season 7 then you must follow the types of voting that will be done in this season. In seasons 1 and 2 we saw that there was Google Voting. The nominated contestants’ list was updated on google every week and you had to vote till Friday to save them.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

But in seasons 3 to 6, there was a slight difference in voting. A new way was introduced to vote i.e. Hotstar voting. So there will be 2 ways to cast your vote for nominated contestants. A similar is going to happen in season 7.

  • Vote Online using Hotstar
  • Missed call Voting using codes

Every week there will be a task for nomination. It will be done by house guests. Then the race for survival begins between the nominated house guests. This race will be accomplished by the viewers’ votes. The contestant with votes will get safe and who will get fewer votes will be evicted at the Weekend.

మీకు ఇష్టమైన పోటీదారుని ఎలిమినేట్ చేయకుండా కాపాడటానికి ఓటింగ్ మాత్రమే మార్గం. మీకు వీలైనంత వరకు ఓటు వేయండి మరియు మీకు ఇష్టమైనదాన్ని సేవ్ చేయండి. మిస్డ్ కాల్ నంబర్లను ఉపయోగించి హాట్స్టార్ లేదా ఆఫ్‌లైన్ ఉపయోగించి పోటీదారుని ఆన్‌లైన్‌లో సేవ్ చేయడానికి ఏదైనా పద్ధతిని ఉపయోగించండి

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online (Hotstar)

The first way is that you can vote through the medium of Hotstar. You can either choose the website or you can vote through the mobile app which is available for both android and IOS. You can follow these steps to vote using Hotstar.

Bigg Boss Telgu Vote

  1. First of all, you can open the official Hotstar website or you can use their app.
  2. If you don’t have the Hotstar app you can download it from the official platform of your mobile application.
  3. Now you have to log in with your account.
  4. After that search for Bigg Boss Telugu, you will find a vote button on your screen.
  5. Click on the vote button.
    Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  6. A list of contestants will emerge whom you can vote for.
  7. Select the contestant Whom you wish to vote for. There will be contestants’ names that are nominated.
  8. Click on the done button.

Make sure you are casting your vote in the time given by the show. If you are voting after the scheduled time then your vote will not be counted. Everyday voting will start after the show and will get closed at midnight.

That’s it! You have successfully cast your vote in the show.

NOTE- You will receive a limited number of votes i.e. 10. You can choose to vote for a single contestant or you can divide your votes for the different contestants.

Now you decide if you want to vote for just a single contestant or if you want to divide your votes.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote

Voting Online Important Points

  • Voting will be open for a limited time period.
  • There will be 10 votes per email id which you can use to vote for nominated contestants.
  • Do not forget to submit the votes at last.
  • It depends on you how you want to vote. Whether you want to give all the votes to one person or distribute them among your favorite nominated ones.


Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting Polls

Every week after nomination there will be a process of voting. As mentioned it will be done either using the Hotstar app or by missed call numbers. Apart from these, you can also participate in online voting polls. These BB Telugu voting polls will get updated every week according to the name of nominated contestants. 

bigg boss Telugu Vote

Participate in online voting polls and tell us who is your favourite. This is just a specimen poll of the previous seasons. We will update the latest polls As soon as BB Telugu Season 7 gears up we will replace it with original contestants.

Note: These polls are just for entertainment. These are not for official voting. This is just an unofficial voting poll designed for the fans of Bigg Boss Telugu to vote.

BB Telugu 5 Nominated Contestants

The nomination is the first basic step toward winning the game show. Generally, housemates nominate the contenders on the basis of the strongest competition, bad relations, and fights in the house. But in the very first week, they nominate the contestants on an interactive basis. In the first week, all housemates will enter. And in the same week, nominations will start. Following is the list of nominated contestants week-wise.

1st Week Nominated contestants are: To be Updated soon

Star Maa BB Telugu Season 7 Missed Call Voting

If someone is finding it hard to vote using Hotstar then no need to worry you can use your phone’s dialing pad to cast your vote.

This is a rather simple method for voting in the show. You just need your phone to make a miss call. For this, you don’t have to make an account or pay any charges. Just a ring and you have cast your vote. Here are the steps for voting through missed calls.

bigg boss telugu vote

  • First of all, you will need the phone number given by the show to vote for your contestant. You can find these details on your TV screen or you can visit the official website of the show.
  • Now dial the phone number of the contestant whom you want to vote for in the show.
  • Then just make a miss call.
  • For example
  • If a contestant miss call voting number is 888****213.
  • So all you need to do is to dial it from your phone.
  • It will get automatically disconnected.
  • Also, it will be counted as your vote.

After making a missed call your vote will be counted in the show. These votes will help your favorite contestant to continue the journey of the show. Missed call numbers will be 10-digit numbers. With the help of your votes, you can even make your favorite contestant the winner of the show. 

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results

If You are looking for Bigg Boss Season 7 vote results. Then you have to wait every weekend to know about the name of the houseguest who will be leaving the house for good. Vote Results will depend on the votes viewers cast every week. 

Every weekend the host will reveal the name of the eliminated contestant. The one with the least number of votes will get evicted. We will here update the result on a weekly basis.

We have shared the information on the methods to vote in the show. So by using these methods of voting you can save the contestants from getting evicted.

So for the upcoming season enjoy the show and keep your valuable votes ready for the show. Make sure you vote for your contestants to make their journey safe within the show.


In final words, Bigg Boss Telugu is a prime-time show. It has successfully delivered its 6 seasons so far. And season 7 is coming soon in the year 2023. Fans and followers are eagerly waiting for the next season of this show. This is a reality show. In this show, celebrities live in a house for three months together as housemates. Every week contestants get nominated. Here comes the role of the audience or viewer of the show. 

Viewers of the show cast their votes for their favorite contestants who are nominated. The contestants who get the higher vote will get survive in the show. and the one who will get fewer votes among all will get evicted from the house. So, we have provided you with all the information about the vote casting on this show. Here on this website, we bring you the latest updates about the show. So keep visiting this website.

Frequently Asked Questions


How To Vote in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7?

Voting in the show is quite simple. You will have 3 different methods to vote. 2 are online ways i.e. Hotstar and google. And the third one is offline voting i.e. missed call voting.

What is the time to participate in BB 7 Voting?

Every week there will be a nomination. Soon after the nomination public voting will start. You can then vote using any of the methods till Thursday midnight. Every Thursday voting lines will get close.

Who can participate to vote?

Anyone who is watching the show in India can participate to vote.

How many votes do we have to vote in BB Telugu?

You will have 10 votes per id per day on a particular voting platform. On the next day you can again vote for your favorite contestant using these 10 votes per id.