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“இது வெறும் SHOW அல்ல.. நம்ம LIFE. This is the tagline for season 3 bigg boss Tamil. Greetings from our side and let’s start our journey to discuss Bigg boss Tamil Voting methods. Because the only way to save the contestant and to make one contestant winner of the show, voting is a must. I am going to tell you about Bigg Boss Tamil Voting process completely. As you know Bigg Boss Tamil has been amongst popular shows in South. This time it is coming with its 3rd season. Voting is just for the elimination and to see who is winning people’s heart in the show. So, first of all, let’s see Why Voting is Important in the show?
  • Bigg Boss Tamil Voting is a way to get contestants Evicted from the show.
  • It decides which contestant is disliked by the audience most.
  • It Keeps audience engagement in the show.
The season 2 of the show started on 17th June 2018 last year. This year Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is going to be aired on 23rd June 2019. It will be interesting to know about contestants of this season. Usually the show lasts around 100-105 days. In the last season there were 105 total episodes.
In this article, we will know some facts related to Tamil voting methods if you want your contestants to play more and more. They need to be saved from being eliminated.  Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting

Every year there is a theme and tag line of the season. this time the tagline is “இது வெறும் SHOW அல்ல.. நம்ம LIFE.. which means it isn’t a show its a life. So get ready to live life in a digital and entertainment manner. The guys who are fond of Bigg Boss Tamil should know about how to vote in the show. Actually, from the past 2 seasons, there are 2 ways of voting in Bigg Boss Tamil show.
Google Online voting
Missed Call voting
Let’s Discuss the voting steps in detail.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Google Online Vote

So Vote procedure is pretty simple. If you have the google account you may vote for the contestants in the show. Google voting is one of the finest ways to send your votes to the contestants. For your information, I must tell you that you will have 50 Votes Maximum for each contestant. You need to have a Google Account to cast your vote. Out of 50 votes, you may also divide votes among nominated contestants. Here in the Image below, you can see Very Simple Steps given for Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Online :
bigg boss tamil vote
Usually, 3-5 contestants get nominated every week. Here in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, you will see lots of fun. Eviction is the part of the game. Lesser votes will lead a contestant towards eviction from the show.

Contestants Missed Call Voting codes

After getting locked up in the house, every contestant will have a unique code. This code will be used as a missed call voting number. the past itself is a witness that there are 2 voting methods and one of them is missed call voting.
  • All you need to do is to call from your number. 
  • It is toll-free.
  • You can vote once a day for a contestant from one number.
  • Soon we will update the missed call voting codes of the contestants.
In this way, Bigg boss Tamil Voting will be done.

Tamil Bigg Boss Vote Count (Weekly)

This is really a competitive show where the contestant has to survive every week. As you know that nominations happen in the show. Therefore every seeks some contestants get nominated. For those contestants, Bigg Boss Voting is done weekly. After that vote count tells about the eviction of the contestant. Here we are going to tell you about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Count of every week.
  • Week 1 Vote Count: will update here.
  • 2nd Week Vote Count:
  • 3rd Week Vote Count:
  • 4th Week Vote Count:
  • 5th Week Vote Count:
  • 6th Week Vote Count:
  • 7th Week Vote Count:
  • 8th Week Vote Count:
  • 9th Week Vote Count:
  • 10th Week Vote Count:
  • 11th Week Vote Count:
  • 12th Week Vote Count:
  • 13th Week Vote Count:
  • 14th Week Vote Count:
  • 15th Week Vote Count:

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Voting Percentage

Season 3 of Bigg Boss Tamil came with new contestants. All south people love this show as it has the taste of their own language. In the previous season, there were 4 finalists. The voting was open for the whole week for the contestants:
  • Riythvika
  • Vijayalakshmi Feroz
  • Janani Iyer
  • Aishwarya Dutta
But, in the end, Riythvika got the maximum percentage of votes from the audience and won the show. This year also vote percentage will really matter for the contestants. The contestant who will gain maximum Vote Percentage will win the show definitely.

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For each contestant, voting gets started from Monday to Friday. So the audience has their full time between these days to vote for the contestant.  Soon we will update the nominated contestants’ list here. You can participate in online polling here. Online voting polls for the contestants are available here. From the Online voting, you may check how much a contestant is being liked in the show. The online vote is the process which helps the audience to find out everyone’s opinion about the contestant. Basically, they can figure out the liking of a contestant via Voting Polls and number of votes.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Online Voting Poll Results

After online voting for contestants from Monday to Friday, Sunday is the day of announcement of the vote result. The host of the show declares that who has got the maximum votes. Also, who is to be evicted from the show after bigg boss Tamil vote result. These results came weekly. Every weekend is the results day. The show episodes are also available on the Voot app. For the all related news about results or anything else you may just log on to also. Results can also be checked on this page by checking the unofficial voting polls. We will update you every week news regarding voting and results here on this page.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Winner 2019

The voting can be done via – or Google Assistant. You are already familiar with the Google Online Vote system in the show. For the Google, Assistant voting can be done by just speaking – “Bigg Boss Voting” or “Bigg Boss Vote” in the voice search. which will result to have a winner in the end.

According to the Season 2 Finale Voting Result “Riythvika” was announced as the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil. Because she got the highest vote percentage and won the audience’s attention.

In season 1 your voting made Aarav winner and in season 2 Riythvika. Soon we will see the results of Bigg Boss Tamil Voting in Season 3 and the winner of Tamil 2019. So guys, till now this was all about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote, hope you liked the information. At the conclusion, I would say voting plays a vital role in the show. As it is one of the popular shows of South India, We will provide you some useful information in Tamil also. You may stick with this page to get all latest ‘Masala’ of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3.

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