Super Dancer 3 Contestants Name 2019

The contestants of every show are the heart of that show. Without contestant, there is no meaning of any competition. And if the contestants are like Super Dancer Contestants then the show’s meaning goes to next level and Trp rocks.

Hello guys! Here we are talking about the most famous and rocking show of the year i.e. Super Dancer Chapter 3. This year the season is beyond comparison. And the reason is the contestants of the show. 

Yes, i am talking about the top 11 contestants who are making the show hit. All of them are super talented. Their talent is next level talent. In this article, we are going to read about the Super Dancer Contestants of Chapter 3. 

Super Dancer Contestants list

The show was started on 29th December 2018. The chapter 3 of the super dancer is still on air after 5 months. The reason is the dancers who perform every week on the show. People are fond of watching them every week. Let’s talk about the contestants’ list of chapter 3.

  • Tejas Varma – He is the most famous contestant and also nicknamed as “Famous Tejas”. He has also participated in High Fever and was runner up of the show.
  • Gourav Sarwan- The most sincere contestant of the show is Gaurav. His dance style is robotics.
  • Rupsa- What to say about her? She is the youngest (6 years) one and has attempted the maximum number of dance forms on the show.
  • Jay Chauhan- Jay is the kindest child on the show. That’s why is known as “Etah ka Robinhood”. 
  • Jayshree Gogoi- The most silent contestant is Jayshree. Her dance speaks louder than her.
  • Saksham Sharma- The most entertainer contestant of the show is Saksham.Super Dancer Contestants


  • Akshit Bhandari- This contestant is famous for his special acts.
  • Prerna Salvi- She is the wild card entry and also the winner of Super Dancer Maharashtra.
  • Dhairya Tandon- The classical boy is him. He is too good at classical dancing.
  • Anwesha Bhatia- The tallest girl among all contestant who uses her body just perfectly in her classical dance. Shilpa Shetty named her “firegirl”.
  • Naitik Singhal- The powerful performer of the season. He is famous for his popping at every single beat.

Voting lines for these contestants open every weekend. check details to vote.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 Contestants with their SuperGuru

Every contestant has his/her own superguru. who is guiding the child since day 1. All the acts are choreographed and thought by these supergurus. Among these contestants on will be the winner of chapter 3. Following are the contestants’ name with their respective Superguru.

  • Tejas- Tushar Shetty
  • Rupsa- Nishant Bhatt
  • Gourav- Amardeep Singh Natt
  • Akshit- Vivek
  • Jayshree- Anuradha
  • Jay- Sanam Johar
  • Saksham- Vaibhav
  • Prerna- Bharat Ghare
  • Dhairya- Kumar Sharma
  • Anwesha- Anil Tandi
  • Naitik- Pramoth Manohar

So these were the top 11 contestants of chapter 3.



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