MTV Hustle Auditions

MTV Hustle Season 2 Online Application

“Do You want to be a Rap star? If Rapping is your passion then get ready for MTV Hustle Auditions. Get ready to hustle for the title. “

You want a chance to show your rapping talent? How about you try your rapping skills in the MTV Hustle Auditions? With the likes of people increasing in the region to tell their story using raps, MTV has brought these people a hope to continue living their dream of becoming a rapping sensation.

The show features various contestants who share the same dream of becoming a professional rapper. The auditions take place and the shortlisted contestants move towards the glory to show their skills in national television.

They compete with each other every week. Judges score them and the one with least score is eliminated from the show. Also, there will be hustle voting by audience. This will also be counted. Finally, the last standing contestant in the show is crowned as the winner of the show.

MTV Hustle Auditions 2020

You could be the one to be crowned as the winner. If you think that you possess the talent to share your story using hip hop then this show is just for you. This can establish a base to your rapping career. But before all that stardom you have to start with the basic step that is auditions.

Audition will be done in 2 ways:

  • First on voot Audition
  • Then open Stage audition

Selected contestants will perform in front of judges.

You can read below all the necessary details you would require applying for the show.

Hustle Season 2 Judges and Host

When it comes to the judges of the show, Raftaar is leading the judging panel. He is one of the rapping sensations of Indian Hip Hop. Having various hit albums and songs, he has some experience to become a judge of the show.

MTV Hustle Raftar

The next one to be sharing the judging panel is Udyan Sagar. His stage name is Nucleya. Now you are getting the idea of him. Winner of the Global Indian Music Awards in the category of Best Electronica Single in 2016 is hopefully going to judge the show for 2020 edition.

Nucleya MTV Hustle

The last one to be sitting on the judging panel is ‘SvethaYellapragada Rao’ professionally known as “Raja Kumari”. 

Hustle Raja Kumari

For the first season the Gaelyn Mendonca was serving as the host of the show. For this 2020 edition we didn’t listened any news of replacing her. The chances of Gaelyn are pretty much good to be seen again as the host of the 2020 edition of the show.

MTV Hustle 2 Auditions Eligibility Criteria

Before you start filling your registration form you have to be eligible as per the rules of the show. Eligibility criteria are some set of guidelines that you have to accept and fulfil before you register yourself.

If in any case you fail to fulfil those rules your registration form will be automatically rejected. These are some of the rules for eligibility of the aspirants of the show-

  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You must be 18 years of age or above.
  • One must be skilful enough to rap.
  • The contestants should be good in physical and mental health.
  • You have to provide your valid id proof.

You can read all other eligibility guidelines given in the application form.

MTV Hustle Auditions

MTV Hustle 2020 Voot Registration

It is the first step towards the audition of the show. Make sure you don’t make any mistake filling the registration form. If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria then you can follow these steps to register yourself.

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official voot website.
  2. Search for the show.
  3. You will find the registration button. Click on the registration button. You will see a registration form in your screen.
  4. Now, you have to fill the form with all the required information.
  5. Then upload your photograph and your performance video.
  6. Read and accept all the terms and conditions of the show.
  7. Finally click on the submit button.

NOTE- Make your performance video as per the guidelines given in the application form.

To reduce the chance of error make your video beforehand you start filling your application form.

If you get selected you will be called for the live auditions of the show.

So try your luck maybe you are the one lifting the 2020 winner’s trophy cause you never know!!


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