How To Vote in MTV Hustle Season 3 (2023)

Great News!! for the fans and followers of the Rapping world. Here in this article, we bring you information on MTV Hustle voting. Here you will find all about the voting on this show.

Today is a world of hip-hop. In India rapping has taken a new turn with the arrival of MTV Hustle – a show all about rap, hip-hop, and b-boying.  Now you can showcase your talent on National Television by performing. The show has taken entertainment to the next level. The first season was aired on 10th Aug 2019. And this show recently concluded season 2 of this show. Season 3 of this show has lined up. Let’s know all about the voting segment of this show.

The show aims to create a revolution in the field of rapping. Believe it or not, viewers are liking it so much. Season 3 is going to air soon. Now it’s time to fight to be the no. 1 rap star of the season.

So it’s up to us who will be the top rap star. Along with judges, viewers’ votes also matters. Voting is the only way you can contribute to saving a contestant from elimination. Judges will judge the contestants on the basis of their song’s script writing and their performance.

MTV Hustle Voting 2023

Want to vote for hustle contestants? Want to save your favorite participant? Well, you can contribute now. You can vote and contribute towards saving a contestant. Voting will be done in 2 ways:

  • Judges vote
  • Viewers Vote

Judges will have the power to save a contestant whereas viewers can also save their favorite participant from being eliminated. Here are the judges who will vote.

MTV Hustle voting


He proves himself as a one-man army in season 2. He may also judge season 3. The judge will give grades or divide contestants into grades as Bottom, Low, High, Best, Safe, and Eliminated.


Every week if a contestant gets the lowest votes, but judges think he/she is deserving, then they can save him/her with their voting power. So for a contestant, it is necessary to win both viewers’ and judges’ hearts.

Name of the showMTV Hustle 3.0
Original networkMTV
Vote applicationVOOT
HostKrissann Barretto

Steps to Voot Vote in MTV Hustle Season 3.0

Viewers can vote using 2 methods i.e. Website or app. To follow this mechanism to vote online, you must go through these steps.

  • Go to the official Voot Website i.e. or Download the Voot app on your smartphone.
  • Register yourself or log in with your Facebook or email id.
  • So after that open the MTV Hustle Voting Column.
  • You will see some shortlisted contestants whom you can vote.
  • Choose the contestant and submit your vote.
  • A thank you message will appear after your vote gets accepted.

MTV Hustle Voting

Rules & Regulations to vote

  • You must be a resident of India.
  • The voter must be above 18 years.
  • You can vote once using one id.
  • It is necessary to vote in a particular mentioned time period.

SAT 7:00 PMSUN 7:00 PM

MTV Hustle Online Voting Polls

Now on this show audience can also participate. They can participate in the show as a voter. They can cast a vote. Now, this segment makes this show the most loving show ever.  After vote casting, people can check the voting polls. From voting polls, anyone can have an idea that how many votes get cast. And which contestant got the most vote?

But one should also know that this is just an idea of voting. It is not the exact data. Voting results may differ from the voting polls.

Voting Result or Eliminated Contestants list

As mentioned earlier MTV Hustle voting will matter if there will be elimination. And yes every weekend you will see an artist leaving the show. After the auditions, a number of candidates will get shortlisted for further competition. On the basis of judges and public decisions, contestants will leave the show. Voting results decide who will leave the show and who can stay on the show.

MTV Hustle Voting

Winner MTV Hustle 2023

Season 3 of the hip-hop rap show MTV Hustle will start soon. We will have the 3rd rap star of India or an MTV hustle Winner. It is possible if you follow MTV Hustle voting properly. Only voting will decide the fate of the contestants. Every season there is one winner of the show. So, the one who will get Higher votes will win the new season of the show.

This show is a revolution to the Nation. While this show is making rap starts on one side, the people of the country are connected on the other side. All you need to be more bonded with the show is to engage yourself in the voting process. You can have more detail on this website about the show. Here we bring you the latest update about the show.


Hustle season 3 is going to air soon. This is a reality competition show. This show has a different theme. On this show contestants battle by performing rap on the stage. So, there will be voting on this show for season 3 also. 

In this article, we have provided all the information about voting on this show. we hope that you are now very excited to vote for your favorite contestant. So, read the article carefully and then vote.


When MTV Hustle season 3 is going to release?

MTV Hustle season 3 is going to air in the year 2023. Tho there is no exact date of release yet.

Will Badshah judge season 3?

There is no update about the judge of season 3. Badshah may judge season 3.

Where can I vote for my favorite contestant?

One can vote on Voot’s official website or app.

How to download Voot voting app?

One can download the voot voting app from the app store or google play store. Now you have to sign in to the app and vote for your favorite contestant.