How to Vote on Telugu Indian Idol Season 2

Hey Guys!! Good news Indian Idol Telugu Voting portal is open now for season 2. Simon Fuller is the creator of this show. The Telugu version of this show debuted on 25 February 2022. And now season 2 is going on. Fremantle produced this show. Aha is the original network. As it is a reality singing competition show. So, there is a host and judges in this season.

Vedala Hemachandra is the host of season 2. Thaman S, Karthik, and Geetha Madhuri are the judges of this show. The Telugu Version of Indian Idol creates huge success from its very first season. And also season 2 become very popular from the very first episode of this show. 

Now let’s talk about the format of this show. In this series singing talent take part as contestants. They have to compete with other contestants in singing. So, in Indian Idol Telugu regional singing talent can participate. Candidates have to perform live on stage. After that judges will give them marks. But in finals and semi-finals, the common man also can participate in the show. They can contribute to the show as a voter. 

Indian Idol Telugu Voting

So, voters can cast votes for their favorite contestants and save them from elimination. Also, the winner of the show is decided on the basis of voting results. Let’s talk about the voting process for the show.

Indian Idol Telugu Voting 2023

Indian Idol Telugu provides a big platform for the singing talent to grow. And the voters can help them to complete their winning journey. There are various methods to vote for your favorite contestants. Therefore here we are going to talk about the Indian idol Telugu voting process. 

Now one can also vote for their favorite contestants online. You just need to full fill the conditions to vote on this show.

  • Firstly one must have to go to the official website of the show. 
  • Secondly, you have to select the candidate you want to vote for. 
  • Thereafter you need to click on the vote now button. 
  • At last click ok on the submit button. 

Note: Voting lines are open from time to time. So, you have to vote for your favorite contestants in that given time slot. 

How to Vote on Season 2

Now let’s talk about how to vote in the show. 

Indian Idol Telugu Voting

  • First of all, go to the official website of the show. Here is the link to the website:
  • Then go to the voting section. 
  • Now a list of contestants appears on your screen. 
  • Thereafter select the candidate you want to vote for. 
  • Now click ok on the vote now option. 
  • At last click on the submit button. 


ఇప్పుడు షో చివరి దశలో ఉంది. కాబట్టి, ఇండియన్ ఐడల్ తెలుగు సీజన్ 2 కోసం విజేతను ఎన్నుకోవడం ఓటరుపై ఆధారపడి ఉంటుంది. కాబట్టి, తొందరపడి మీకు ఇష్టమైన పోటీదారుకు ఓటు వేయండి. మరియు షో టైటిల్ గెలవడానికి అతనికి లేదా ఆమెకు సహాయం చేయండి.

Indian Idol Telugu Season 2 Cast And Contestants 

Moving on further let’s talk about the cast and contestants of season 2. There are three different parts of the cast. In the first part, there are contestants of the show. Singers are the contestants on this show. They perform live on stage to win the show. There were 13 contestants at the beginning of the show. Now there are 6 contestants left in the show after elimination. 

So, here is the list of contestants for season 2. 

Name of the contestantStatus
Sruthi NanduriIn the show
Lasya PriyaIn the show
PranathiIn the show
SoujanyaIn the show
KarthikeyaIn the show
JayaramIn the show
Hitesh SaiEliminated
Sai VaishnaviEliminated
Yuti HarshavardhanaEliminated

On the other hand, let’s talk about the host of the show. It is the presenter who makes the show more entertaining and fun. However, in the first season, the host was Sreerama Chandra. But Hemachandra is hosting season 2.

Hemachandra is a playback singer and music artist. Now he is also an anchor and host. He is also a dubbing artist. So, we can say that he is a multitalented guy. That is why selectors chose him as a host for the show. 

Indian Idol Telugu Voting

Now moving on the next part of the cast includes judges. Judges are the main key to the show. They observe every single performance minutely and then they give marks to the contestant. Geetha Madhuri, Thaman S, and Karthik are the judges of this season. They are one of the finest artists in the music world. 


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Telugu Indian Idol Eliminated contestants and Voting Results

Voting results are also the most exciting part of the show. At the end of the episode, voting results are announced. Therefore only the voting results decide the elimination of the show. Also, the voting results decide the winner of the season. 

Season 2 Voting Results

So, the one who will get more votes will remain in the show. But the one who will have a lesser vote has to stop his or her journey of the show and go home. Also, in the finale episode the one who will have the higher votes will win the title of the show. 

Aha’s Telugu Indian Idol Season 2 Winner

Season 2 of this show is going on right now. There are 6 contestants who are battling to win the show. The finale episode of the show is not decided yet. But there are eliminations before that. 

season 2 Winner

After the voting results the winner, 1st runner-up, and 2nd runner-up are going to announce. But for now, we are not able to announce the winner’s name yet. However, if you want to help your favorite contestant to win the show. Then you have to vote for them. Soon the show will announce the winner’s name.

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In conclusion, Indian Idol Telugu is one of the famous shows. This show gives a platform for the singing talent to grow in the music world. Also, there is a huge fan base for this show. People love this show very much. This show was able to create a great hit from season 1. And now season 2 is going on. 

Now audiences and fans can also participate in the show as voters. They can vote and let the better one win the show. Therefore here in this article, we have introduced you to the Indian Idol Telugu voting process and how to vote for your favorite contestant. We really hope that now you can vote for Indian Idol Telugu contestants easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the winner of Indian Idol Telugu Season 2?

The winner’s name is not announced yet. You have to wait for some time to know the winner of season 1.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on Aha TV.

Who is the host of this show?

Mr. Hemachandra is the host of the show.

Who are the judges on season 2?

Geetha, Thaman, and Karthik are the judges on this show.

Who is the winner of season 1?

BVK Vagdevi is the winner of season 1.

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