Bigg Boss Season 13

Hello Pals! Well talking about bigg boss 13 almost brings a smile to everyone’s face. And why not so, the season was a hit. It was so much loved that during the Lockdown situation in India Colors is running the same season again every day. And yet again people are liking it.

Its Contestants made the season most lovable and successful. For the first time in the history of television, such kind of show has been extended to 4 months.

आज से 14 साल पहले Bigg Boss ने अपना हिंदी संस्करण शुरू किया था। उसके बाद धीरे धीरे भारत में बिग्ग बॉस के अन्य संस्करण भी आए। और आज यदि देखा जाए तो कुल मिला कर 7 भाषाओं में  Bigg boss लोगो के दिलो पर छाया हुआ है। बिग्ग बॉस हिंदी सभी संस्करणों में से सबसे लोकप्रिय है।

जिसका एक कारण इसके मेज़बान Salman Khan हैं। आज तक Bigg Boss के 13 seasons tv पर आ चुके हैं। जबकि 14वें सीजन का आगाज़ जल्दी ही होने वाला है। आईये जानते है BB 13 से जुड़े कुछ ज़रूरी तथ्य जिनमे से एक है बिग्ग बॉस में वोट डालने की प्रक्रिया।

Bigg Boss 13

One of the main roles of engaging people with the show was voting. People voted for their favorite participant. And even fight for them outside the house. Well, we must say it was well deserved. On 29th Sept 2019 season 13 stated and on 15th Feb 2020 it declared 13th winner. On the basis of public voting season 13 had winner and runnerup.

Who were in the Finale?

On, Finale of the Bigg Boss Season 13 which is on 16th Feb 2020 there was live voting too. After the counting of those votes too winner for 13th season announced. But for that people needed to vote in finale for their favorite contestant. And they did.

Live Voting for Finale is On !!  On finale the voting was open for :

  • Asim
  • Sidharth
  • Shehnaaz
  • Rashmi
  • Paras
  • Arti


Every week there was a nomination process since the beginning of the season. And the process continued till the finale day. On the last day all the left out contestants got nominated.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting

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Till bigg Boss 9 there were celebrities contestants in the show. But in Season 10, 11 and 12 there was common man entry too. In BB13 it is decided by the makers only celebrities are allowed to play the season.

Bigg Boss 13 Voting

So here is the list of the contestants whom you have to vote and save from a vote out. The list of contestants is:

  • Rashmi Desai
  • Siddharth Shukla
  • Asim Riaz
  • Shehnaz Gill
  • Shefali Zariwala
  • Paras Chabbara
  • Madhurima Tuli
  • Vishal Aditya Singh
  • Mahira Sharma
  • Arti Singh

Soon the exact list will be updated here. So that you could know the contestants to whom you may vote. Bigg Boss 13 voting for these contestants will matter a lot. Because only voting will make these contestants safe in the house.

Bigg Boss Winner 2019

  • BB 13 was won by Siddharth Shukla.
  • Runnerup was Asim Riaz.
  • Although the public disagreed with the result was announced and Sid was declared as the winner.
  • He crowed as 13th winner with trophy and  25 lakh prize amount.

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