How To Vote in Nach Baliye Season 10

Welcome to the world of Nach. Dancing is an art which is carried by a famous show “Nach Baliye” It has completed 9 seasons till now. 10th season will be on air soon. I am sure you have come here to know about Nach Baliye Voting for season 10. 

In previous season you had to perform with your baliye likewise previous seasons. But there was a slight change in the system i.e baliye could be your ex baliye or present baliye. That means you can be present couple or ex couple. This new system of dancing was introduced by the new producer of the show i.e. Salman Khan.

Due to that theme season 9 get a hipe. And who knows if makers follow this theme in new season, it wll also rock. Well for that we have to wait for the season 10 and its theme.

In this season, a couple will get safe iff they will get votes from public as well as from judges. so we can say that a couple’s fate is in our hands now. We will discuss about the voting details below along with some important details of the Nach Baliye Season 10.

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Nach Baliye Voting 2020

No. of Seasons9
No. of Couples12
Season 10 Premiere DateTBD
Finale DateTBD
ProducerSalman Khan

12 couples will participate in Nach baliye 2020. One by one these couples have to leave the show. And it will be done on the basis of Public voting and judges marks. Voting in Season 10 is pretty much similar to previous seasons. There is no online way to vote. Only offline way will be needed to vote and save a couple from being eliminated. It is none other than the missed call voting system. 

In this article you can have a look at previous season’s voting system.

Nach Baliye Voting

Nach Baliye Season 10 Missed Call Numbers To Vote

  • Every Couple has a unique code to vote.
  • All you have to do dial that code or number and give a missed called.
  • In this way your vote will be considered.
  • For example a couple has a missed call voting code as 1800120888805.
  • 05 is the code of the couple you have to vote.
  • So you can vote for your faourite couple using their missed call voting number.

So this is how you can participate in Nach Baliye Voting 2020. 

Nach Baliye 2020 Online Voting Polls

Participate in these 2020 voting polls and vote for your favourite couple of Nach Baliye. Even Though it is an unofficial voting polls, you still participate and show your love.

These are the previous season’s voting polls. 2020 polls will be updated as soon as show starts.

Missed Call Voting Numbers of Each Couple

Let us mention some previous season’s missed call voting numbers. 

Aalam & Shraddha Aarya1800120888801
Vivek & Babita1800120888802
Anuj & Urvashi Dholakia1800120888803
Vindu Dara & Dina1800120888804
Prince & Uvika1800120888805
Vishal & Madhurima1800120888806
Rohit & Anita1800120888807
Aly goni & Natasha1800120888808
Shantanu & Nityaami1800120888809
Saurabh Raj Jain & Ridhimma Jain1800120888810
Faizal & Muskaan1800120888811
Keith & Rochelle1800120888812

So these were the voting codes you used for voting in season 9 contestants. As soon as season 10 kick starts we will update these with new missed call codes.


Nach Baliye Voting

Eliminated Couple

Every week Judges give their marks out of 100% to a couple. If a couple gets Hi5 then they will get safe from being eliminated anf from being judged again in elimination round. Remaining couple will have to fight in Public voting section. On the basis of public votes bottom 2 couple have o perform again in elimination round and then judges will give their final judgement. The one with th elowest marks will get eliminated. List of eliminated couple are:

List of Eliminated contestants will be updated here soon.

Nach Baliye Season 10 Winner

12 couples participated in Nach Baliye 10. Along with some wild cards and remaing couples the winner will be decided. There will be only one winner. 

The one who will win the season will get Nach Baliye Trophy and winning prize amount. Until the name of the winner is revealed,you guess who will be the winner of Season 10.

So guys in this article we find all the respected ways of Nach Baliye Voting in season 10. So far this is the only way to save the couple from being eliminated. Also, judges judgement plays an important role. Voting lines get open every weekend shows start till the next day show ends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


When will Nach Baliye 10 Voting start?

Soon after the show starts voting in the show will also start. Till now there is no official news about season 10. But season 9 was a huge success. So you will soon witness the new season. All you need to know is about voting for your favorite contestants.

How you can Vote in Nach Baliye 2020?

You can vote for your favorite contestant by making a missed call from your number. That number will be toll-free. You will be given a particular time period. You just need to vote for them.

Does every Jodi have a unique code?

Every Jodi needs vote to be in the show. In order to vote they acquire unique code. Only the code is different for every Jodi. So you have to memorize your favorite Jodi voting code in order to save them.

What will be the time of voting Lines to vote?

From the time of Jodi’s performance till the Midnight voting lines will be open.

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