How To Vote in Li’l Champs 2020

Voting has become a trend in tv reality shows and here we will elaborate Little Champs Voting system. The show has already completed its 7 successful seasons. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs Season 8 is on the buzz now.

If you like the show and are a huge fan of little singers then you must be looking for Voting methods in the show. You can know here about Little Champs Voting methods and also how to vote and make a contestant win the show.

As like earlier Zee Tv is the broadcaster of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. The last season of the SRGMP Li’l champs was a big hit. It was the no. 1 on the TRP list. And same we can say about this season. The contestants are the reason behind the success of the show. The contestants are so melodious that it will make viewer confuse whom to vote and save from getting eliminated.

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So choose your favorite participant and vote wisely by following these voting methods.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs Voting Process

As everything has come online, many of us get confused about where to vote for the contestants. So let me clear here what would be the SRGMP Lil champs voting procedure. Basically, votes are for the measurement of contestants’ liking and popularity among the audience.

And this popularity decides the fate of contestants. The more the votes, the more are the chances to be saved. And here are the ways to vote in Li’l champs 2020 or season 8.

Google Assistant
Zee5 App

Before we discuss the voting process participate in the voting polls for these kids.

Little Champs Voting


SRGMP Lil champs Season 8 Judges and Host

In season 8 there is a lot changes we are going to see. A whole new bunch of judges will judge the show this time. After a very long time the judges will be:

  • Kumar Sanu
  • Alka Yagnik
  • Udit Narayan

Guess What Manish Paul is going to host the show’s season 8 this time.

Li’l champs SMS Voting Number 2019

In the 8th season of the SRGMP, there is one method of voting which can be proceeded offline. Yes, we are talking about SMS Voting. You need a unique Code for every contestant to vote offline. And that code is first 3 alphabets of the name of contestant.

Let’s Assume the name is Nishant. Then you have to use “NIS” as the code of this contestant and have to send on voting number i.e. 57575. Here is the syntax to vote by SMS.

Type SRGMP<space>NIS and send it to 57575.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Online Voting & Polls

With Digital India, Entertainment industry is also growing digitally. Earlier there was only offline voting that includes SMS and missed call voting. But nowadays Online voting is a trend. And apart from SMS voting, all the above-mentioned ways are online voting methods. Although, every method uses separate platforms to work.

Before explaining those methods let’s participate in online voting polls for li’l champs 2020 batch.

Polls will be displayed here soon

These are unofficial voting polls. Participate in entertainment and tell us who is your favorite one. Although, Swaransh Tiwari is not in competition, vote for him here nevertheless.

Li’l Champs Google Assistant Voting

In 6th Season of SRGMP Lil Champs Voting on Google was introduced in which we can vote directly through Google. All we needed to do is to type lil champs vote or voting and all the contestants’ list get displayed. The rest remains voting.

But this time there is a difference we have to vote using Google Assistant. How this newly developed system of voting works? All the details are given below.

  • Open Google Assistant on Your Device.
  • then Say “Talk To Lil Champs Vote”.
  • Answer a few questions of Google Assistant and proceed further.
  • All the contestants’ list will get displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the participant you want to support by voting.
  • And submit your vote by saying Yes or no to submit.

Such an awesome and unique way of voting that has been introduced. The complete process is done on talking. Well apart from this method there are some other online methods also that can be done on various platforms.

Little Champs Voting

SRGMP Lil Champs Season 8 Vote using Zee5 App

Another way of voting in Season 8 is using the official app of Zee Tv i.e. Zee5. It is clear that one must have the Zee5 app if he/she wants to participate in voting. Rest is given below.

  • Download the official Zee5 app from play store or ios.
  • Register yourself using Google or Facebook account.
  • Go to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs vote column.
  • choose one of the contestants among the pics of all contestants.
  • That chosen image is counted as a vote.
  • Submit your vote.

Little Champs 8 Instagram/Facebook Messenger Voting

The last way of voting is by using social media platforms. We can say it is the easiest way to vote. As only one is enough to vote. We use social media like hell nowadays. That’s why this method is introduced. so that we can vote side by side.

  • Log in to your Instagram Account.
  • Open the official Zee Tv page.
  • Like the image by double-tapping on that image.
  • In this way, the vote will be considered.

And in case of the Facebook messenger:

  • Login to your Facebook messenger.
  • Type Talk to little champs.
  • All the images will be displayed.
  • So Choose the favored image and vote.

The one with the maximum number of votes will be declared as the highest votes gainer of the week. And in the finale, the one with maximum votes will be declared as the winner. So there is a lot of significance of each and every vote. We must use our vote wisely. Because it can change the future of a child.

Result of Li’l champs Vote 2020

Every week there will be the elimination of contestants from the show. One contestant will leave the show on the basis of the public vote out. The result will be declared every Saturday by the host. The one with the least votes will be eliminated. 

The competition will start when Top 16 contestants get selected. Then judges will choose Top 12 contestants. After that every weekend there will be single elimination. In the weekend episode results of voting are announced on the stage. Like this till the end of the season, contestants getting maximum votes will win. The Voting results of the contestants are completely in the hands of the audience. If the audience participates and does the voting for Sa re ga ma pa Lil champs contestants, results will change accordingly. 

  • Dhaani was the first one who got eliminate.
  • Hansraj was the 2nd eliminated contestant.
  • Satish Kumar was the 3rd eliminated contestant.
  • After Lockdown 1st elimination was done on 2nd August. Bobby was the 1st and 4th contestant who get eliminated after lockdown and among 16 contestants respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be Voting for Little Champs in this season?

Yes, There will be Voting this time.

How Many ways are there to vote for Contestants?

There will be 4 ways to vote for your favorite contestant?

When will the voting start?

The voting for the contestants will start with the Top 8 contestants.

Do I Have To Register to vote?

Yes Y need to register yourself before voting

Therefore, voting is necessary to make your faourite participant win the show. You can use any way to vote or can vote using all of them. So by now we have cleared the Little Champs Voting methods perhaps. Still, you have queries related to Voting then you can contact us at our social media channel [maxbutton id=”3″ ] 

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