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How To Vote in Dance Plus 5

One of the famous reality dance competition of the Indian TV cinema “Dance Plus” is on its 5th season. And in this article we are going to read about Dance Plus Voting for season 5.

The show is just like other reality competitions where contestants take part to achieve their dancing dream. However, there are no variations in which you can participate.

Dance Plus Vote Result

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There is only one competition and contestants can take part either in team or can go solo. There is a super judge in the show Remo D’Souza who holds a little more power than other judges in the show.

The show is all about dancing aspirants go through the auditions to continue their journey in the show. Later on, only selected candidates from the auditions continue their journey. These selected candidates have their team captain. These candidates compete against each other for the prize of winner.

Dance Plus Voting

The viewers have some power through voting to give some additional advantage of scores over other contestants. These votes allow a contestant to continue their journey in the show.

If you want to vote for your favourite contestant then there are some simple procedures you can follow to vote. Scroll down to know more about the voting procedure in the show. You can vote using 2 ways

  • Online
  • Offline

Let’s expalin these procedure in detail.

Dance Plus Voting Polls Unofficial

Top 4 Finalists of season 5 are: 

  • Rupesh Bane
  • Jannam Crew
  • Deepika & Rupesh
  • Sanchita & Subroto

Dance Plus Voting (Unofficial Polls-)

Note: These polls are just for entertainment purpose and we do not claim these as official polls.

Dance Plus Season 5 Hotstar Voting

The show allows viewers to vote for their favourite contestants. This makes a viewer to enjoy the show even more. This is a plus point to the contestant who can attract more audience for their benefit of achieving extra score points from the audience.

Dance Plus Voting

First method to vote is online via Hotstar App. You can vote using your phone, tablet or computer to vote online. You can vote for your favourite contestant using these simple steps.

  1. First step is to visit Hotstar app or download the app.
  2. Now you have to login with your google account or you can also use your Facebook account to login in the website.
  3. Then open Dance Plus 5.
  4. You will see an option to Vote, Click on Vote Now.
    Dance Plus Voting
  5. Then a list contestants with their photograph will appear.
  6. You have to select a contestant whom you want to vote or like a photo.
    Dance Plus Voting
  7. You will have 10 vote for one day.
    Dance Plus Voting
  8. Vote for contestants by giving them these votes and click on submit at last.
  9. Voting lines will be opened till Monday 9:00 AM.

You have successfully casted your vote for your favourite contestant in the show.

You can only vote in a particular time period given by the authority of the show. If you vote after or before the time period of voting then your vote will not count in the show.

Dance Plus 5 Missed call Voting method

If you find it difficult to vote online then you can use miss call method to cast your vote. For this method you need your phone to just make a miss call. You just need few seconds to cast your vote using this method.

To cast your vote using this method follow these steps.

  • Note down the voting call number displayed in your TV screen after the performance of each contestant.
  • Now you have to make a call in that number you have noted down.
  • Your call will automatically disconnect.

With that disconnecting sound you confirm that your vote is successfully casted.

Dance Plus Voting

For example toll free number for a contesnder is 18005320405. So in this number 05 is the code of that artist.

The code for every artist will be different. Here is the complete list of voting missed call numbers.

Sanchita- Subrata1800120888801
Tron Brothers1800120888802
The Ace1800120888803
Rupesh Bane1800120888807
Deepika Rupesh1800120888808
Nritya Kala Kendra1800120888809

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Season 5 Contestants List

Before you vote you have to know about the contestants in the show. These contestants make the show even more interesting for the viewers.

Let us discuss about the team captains and their team members of the 5th edition of the show.

Captain Team Members
Suresh Ace Crew      
Punit Janam Crew      
Dharmesh Naitik Singhal      
Karishma Creative dance crew      

Dance Plus 5 Grand Finale Voting

Guys, the grand finale of dance plus 5 is on with Bang. Top 4 finalist contestant will perform on 22nd february 2020 for finale. This will be their last performance on the show. So are you excited to vote for them in grand finale. 

Here you will see live voting updates for the finale episode of the show:

Update 1: The competition of votes is between Rupesh Bane Vs Jannam Crew actually.

Update 2: Deepka & Rupesh seems to be at 4th Place as per voting results announed on Dance Plus instagram page. 

Dance Plus 5 Vote FAQ’s

How to Vote for Dance Plus Season 5 ?

First method to Vote is via Missed call & Second method is via Hotstar App online

Who decides the winner of the show?

It depends upon judges comments and audience voting also

Why did Shakti left the dance plus 5 ?

She had her own projects due to the timing issues she could not be the part of this season

Can we do online voting for contestants?

Yes, it can be done via hotstar official app. Read the information above in the article.

So we have mentioned all the required details for dance plus voting. Now participate in voting and keep your favorite artist safe from eviction. Remember offline voting is free of cost. You just need to give a missed call. So keep voting and make the dream of your favorite contestant come true.

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  1. sala ek performance se kya hota hai , ek performance aankh band karke kr diya to kya sala kitna bar apne hi step me garbaraya hai , janam , deepika – rupesh , sanchita – subrto en sab ne pura season apna continuity maintain rakha hai, voting jada rupesh bane ko isliye hai kyonki woh dharmesh sir ke team me hai, uske acha dance krne bala tha bir radha sirpa , aryan patra jo usi ke style pe based hai

  2. Rupesh has still to go long distance.. cannot compete with Janam or Sanchita and Subrato..

    Monark shud have been there 8n finals instead Rupesh.. very sad

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