How to Vote Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 (2023)

Bigg Boss Kannada is going to return for its 10th season.This is unscripted reality show. So, we are here to provide you all the info about Bigg Boss Kannada Vote casting. The regional show of the Bigg Boss franchise has achieved a lot of viewers which promoted them to continue for its upcoming 10th season in a row. One of the best things about the show is that it promotes the viewers to interact with the show through voting. 

Yes! The contestants in the show really depend upon the votes of the viewers. The viewers can make any contestant safe in the house or on the verge of elimination. This is your chance to make sure your favorite contestant is getting enough support from your side to be crowned as the winner of the show.

What are you waiting for just scroll down to read all the information you need before you start voting for the contestants in the show.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote 2023 Online

The only way you can vote in the show is by using the Voot app or Voot website. It is an online method that hardly takes a minute or two for casting your vote. Without wasting any time let us just move to the steps which you can follow to cast your vote-

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official Voot website or you can use Voot mobile application. (Rest of the steps are the same for both website and mobile applications)
  2. Now search for the show.
  3. You will find a voting button on your screen just click on it.
  4. Now a list of contestants will appear for whom you can cast your vote.
  5. Select the contestant from the list to cast your vote.
  6. Finally, click on the submit button.

This is all you need to cast your vote successfully. However, you have to make sure that you cast your vote in the time period described by the show. Otherwise, you will not be able to vote for your contestant.

BB Kannada Season 10 Nominations Voting Poll

From the debut season of the show, people started to like the show. Every year the audience grew for the show. With all the support of the viewers made produces continue the show every year.

The show is simple, the ‘Bigg Boss’ will give a task to every house member in the show. The one who will complete his task most effectively will be given some immunity to stay away from the eliminations. The rest of the contestants will move to the voting poll nominations.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote

Voting polls are not the exact data of voting. Though it gives the idea about the voting. How many votes gets cast. who gets how many votes. All these thing one can know from the votung poll. 

But one should always keep in mind that voting polls only gives the idea. It is not the exact result. Voting result may differ from the voting poll. All though it is also intersting to know about the voting polls.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 Vote Result

Everyone wants to know who will crowned the winner of the show. We know you are excited after voting to know who is going to be the winner.

To know about the winner of the show you have to wait for few months. The name of the winner is going to be announced in January 2024. We know it is a long time from now but this is what the show has decided for its finale. Winner will be announced on finale. Sudeepa will host the next season of this show. And he will announce the winner of the season.

Bigg Boss Kannada Vote

Till the time for finale, you can just sit back and relax on your sofa while enjoying this show.


In fianl words, we can say that Bigg Boss franchise makes a big hit in India. And Bigg Boss Kannada has successfully aired its 9 seasons so far. Season 9 is recently concluded. And makers of this show has lined up for the season 10 now. This is a reality show. So, there will be voting on this show. 

One can cast his or her vote on Voot app. Also, one can cast vote on Voot’s official website. Here in this article we have provide you with all the information. That you need to know about the voting. We realy hope that we have solve all of your queries about the voting on this show. Keep on visiting on this website because here on this website we bring latest updates of the show. 


When Bigg Boss Kannada going to primiere its 10th season.

There is no exact date primiere of 10th season of Bigg Boss Kannada. But surely it is going to release in October or November month of year 2023.

Where can I vote for my favorite contestant?

One can save their favorite contestant by giving their vote to them. One can cast vote on Voot’s official website or Voot app.

Who will host the 10th season of the show?

Sudeepa will host the new upcoming season of Bigg Boss.

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